The lack of water is the main obstacle for the people of the Northeastern backlands. Drought, besides being a climatic problem, is a situation that generates social difficulties for the people who inhabit the region. Drought causes lack of economic resources, generating hunger and misery. Often, people have to walk for hours, under sun and strong heat, to get water and often dirty, contaminated water. With poor food and water consumption of poor quality, the inhabitants of the Northeastern backlands end up suffering from many diseases.

The Water for All Project aims to minimize the problem of water shortage in the Socorro Brasilino Community of the city of Piancó, Sertão Paraibano, with the drilling of an artesian well. The water of an artesian well also has a positive characteristic, which is that it is crystalline with the possibility of being free of any contamination due to the depth. On the other hand, the construction of the well is a high investment and a certain risk, since in some of the wells dug no water is found.

The cost of drilling an artesian well is high, however, bringing long-term compensation as the locality will have its own source of water available.
The present project was co-ordinated by stylist Amir Slama and the models that paraded the summer 2017 by designer Amir Slama at SPFWN41, who donated their caches to Love Together with a return to the project WATER FOR ALL.

LOCAL: Socorro Brasilino Community of the city of Piancó, Paraíba.

The Socorro Brasilino community benefited from the drilling of an artesian well that is carrying water to more than 100 families. The drilling of the artesian well was extremely important, enabling the entire community to have access to water, a better quality of life and adequate hygiene, minimizing the diseases that are the consequence of lack of water in the region.

Missionaries of the Church Mission Josué, Socorro Community of Brazil
IDEAL: Amir Slama
Godmother: Paricia Beck
Love Together Volunteers Brazil

Models that paraded the summer 2017 of the stylist Amir Slama, in SPFWN41, Edvaldo Junior, MarneTargino, Maysa Sancleia, Symony Miguel.

PARTNERS: SPFW – São Paulo Fashion Week, Shop2gether and Amir Slama.